Outpatient services (patient not hospitalized)

Primary, secondary and tertiary outpatient health care services are provided at LSMU Kaunas Hospital. The number of outpatient visits to the hospital’s polyclinics in the pre-pandemic period (2019) amounted to more than 623,000 (of which 403,000 were consultations).

The hospital provides the following outpatient services:

  • Outpatient and day surgery services
  • Outpatient and day hospital services for pregnant women
  • There is a memory impairment room
  • Necessary medical assistance is provided
  • Diagnostic tests are performed (laboratory tests, radiological, endoscopic, etc.)
  • The Psychiatric Clinic provides day hospital services
  • Hemodialysis services
  • Medical rehabilitation for adults and children
  • Preventive early cancer diagnostic services under preventive programs
  • Day care services for pain treatment
  • Specialist consultations in polyclinics. Registration information here https://kaunoligonine.lt/en/contacts-of-lsmu-kaunas-hospital-polyclinics/
  • Day care services for skin and venereal diseases
  • Day care therapy services
  • Early childhood development specialists and early childhood rehabilitation services