About LSMU Kaunas Hospital

On 8 September 2020, Kaunas Clinical Hospital and the Republican Hospital of Kaunas merged to establish a single hospital, the Kaunas Hospital of the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (LSMU).

Hospital merger

In May 2020, the shareholders of the two hospitals – the Ministry of Health and the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences – approved the structure, the conditions for reorganization and name of the new hospital. The new LSMU Kaunas Hospital, registered in September, became the second-largest multidisciplinary personal health care institution in the Kaunas region.

The Minister of Health at the time, Prof. Aurelijus Veryga, said the merger meant that Kaunas would become the first large city in the country in which not only primary but also inpatient health care was systematically arranged.

During the first phase, only the non-medical departments of the hospital merged. An analysis of the activities of the medical departments is currently underway, following which changes will be made to their structure.

About the new hospital

LSMU Kaunas Hospital provides Level II and Level III inpatient and outpatient health care services, employs more than 3,350 staff (including about 780 physicians and 1,070 nurses), and has 1,620 beds. During the pre-pandemic period (2019), more than 62,000 patients were taken into the hospital’s departments; over 402,000 consultations were provided; 21,500 surgeries were performed; and 2,870 births took place.

The geography of the departments is wide: from the main departments located in Šilainiai, to Aukštieji Šančiai, the Pranas Mažylis and Christian Maternity Homes operating for many decades in the city centre, and the Vanda Tumėnienė Children’s Early Development Centre in Vičiūnai.

The main departments (Hipodromo str. 13 and Josvainių str. 2) provide outpatient and inpatient surgery, day surgery, therapy, obstetrics, gynaecology and physical rehabilitation, as well as diagnostic services for children and adults.

Patient consultations are carried out at six outpatient clinics: at the Consultation Polyclinic in Šilainiai; the Skin and Venereal Diseases Polyclinic (Josvainių str. 2); the Children’s Consultation Polyclinic (Baltijos str. 120); the Consultation Polyclinic in Aukštieji Šančiai (Hipodromo str. 13) and its branch in Garliava (Vytauto str. 63); and at the Polyclinic in the city centre (Laisvės av. 17).

The Department for Infectious Diseases is in the frontline of the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic; psychiatric services are actively provided in the Marios and Aleksotas branches of the Psychiatric Clinic. In Garliava and Vičiūnai, nursing and supportive care services are provided by the Nursing Clinic; 24-hour assistance for people suffering injuries is provided by orthopaedic traumatologists in the city centre.

Significant continuing projects

In addition to these changes, a number of important projects and initiatives are awaiting implementation: the establishment of a modern Psychiatric Service Centre and a Geriatric Centre, improvements to the quality and availability of tuberculosis prevention, diagnosis and treatment services; the modernization of infrastructure at the Children’s Consultation Polyclinic, implementation of the LEAN methodology, as well as international cooperation and other activities.

Closer relations with the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences

Currently, LSMU Kaunas Hospital educates residents in 16 LSMU residency programs. The number of residents admitted is expected to grow, while successfully ensuring the high quality of studies. During the pre-COVID period (2018–2019), more than 2,000 internship places were provided in various departments each year to individuals from more than 20 educational institutions operating both in Lithuania and abroad.

LSMU Kaunas Hospital seeks to make a significant contribution to the development of the LSMU teaching and research base, and to become a strong partner in the training of highly qualified specialists.

Mission of LSMU Kaunas Hospital

To provide high-quality and safe specialized secondary- and tertiary-level outpatient and inpatient health care services of many profiles, to continuously expand the scope of personal care services and to improve their availability and quality by efficiently using the available resources. To develop ambitious, constantly improving, evidence-based health care professionals, to improve working conditions for hospital staff, and to implement research-based innovations.


Vision of LSMU Kaunas Hospital

An advanced and modern multi-profile personal health care institution with constantly growing human and academic potential, attractive and motivating working conditions for employees, providing quality and timely health care, disease prevention and health services that are equally accessible to all. A hospital operating in close cooperation with the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences in training health care professionals, conducting research and implementing innovations.